Wednesday, 2 January 2013

So it begins

Just over a months ago we restarted out IVF journey, we have been through the testing stage a few times but due to circumstances haven't taken it any further.

I have been told that I need to reduce my weight by quite a bit before I am eligible for the IVF treatments, it was a frustrating appointment because he said even though I am over weight, I am fit as a fiddle and more than healthy enough to carry a baby but the rules state I need to be a certain weight before I can move forward.

Therefore I have started this blog to motivate me and to track my journey to health fitness and hopefully a baby one day soon.

I already blog over at Lilybobombs about fashion and lifestyle and I love it so this seemed a good way to go.

So what am I doing?

Firstly I am making changes to my diet, I eat a ridiculously low calorie diet which is no use to me as I still gain weight, therefore I am changing the way I eat, more lower fats and sugars and more healthy options.

I am starting to try to take walks daily and hope to move up to running in the future, if my asthma allows, using apps like Nike plus and couch to 5k should help me in this endeavour and if I figure out which one is best I will let you all know.

I am building up the courage to maybe try some fitness classes, I love the idea of Zumba but have zero rhythm so we shall see :)

From me you can expect a lot of eclectic posts about almost anything but it will mainly be about my fitness training and IVF journey.

So if you want to follow along with me and Marc on this journey, give me a follow and you can keep up with the crazyness.

My Fabulous sister is also on this health kick with me to support me you can find her at Life on a different Level

Please be aware that I am dyslexic so sometimes my grammar is a bit special but I am only me!

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  1. I think it's fantastic that you're writing a blog about your IVF journey and I wish you all the very best with it. Love you xxx