Friday, 15 February 2013

First follow up appointment post chlomid trial

Well the first two chlomid trials are over with, unfortunately still no baby.

But there was good news at the appointment, I definitely ovulated on the chlomid and it was a good high number, so I have been sent away with another two months of chlomid, and instructions to keep trying!!!

He was also pleased with my weight loss so far which was just over 5kg since my last appointment and to keep going with what I am doing.

Our next steps are, if we still do not fall pregnant, I will again be given the undiagnosed fertility problems heading and will be refereed for IVF, but my BMI needs to be as close to 30 as possible in order for them to see me.

We will have the chance of an insemination procedure with no drugs (just a plain old turkey basting) and a full treatment of IVF.

I have had some setbacks this week after realising returning to work full time while studying a nearly full time degree and trying for a baby was just too much for me to cope with right now, so I have parted company with my new job, which was devastating as I loved them and the work was good.

But onwards and upwards I am on the hunt for a part time role which will give me the chance to study and cope better with everything else in my life.

I will be posting my first GYM session next week, I know how terrifying going to the gym alone can be, but they know what I am there for and are happy to help me so I am going for it!!!

Hope there is plenty of baby dust out there for my readers who are trying and some for me too.


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